Prior to 1980 known as the Junior band it rose out of the four former Boys Bands that would feed players to the senior band as required.

Many players have moved on from these ranks to achieve Champion of Champions status at National contest. Others have been recognised with selection to our National Youth Band, and National Band. 

In 1980 it changed its name to Auxiliary as many Adult players were joining (coming back from retirement). At this point our Auxiliary Band started attending provincial contests as an assisted grade band. After success in this grade the decision was made to enter at D grade. 

Now boasting 42 registered players this band has excelled in 2002 winning the National D grade section. In 2004 they were asked by the BBANZ to compete at C grade level.

Musical Director - Kath Herman
Kath started playing in 1971 in what was known as the Boy's Band.
Kath played for the Ascot Park Hotel Brass from 1975 to 1997, 11 years as Principal Baritone and then went back to the Auxiliary Band where Kath played until 2005 when She became Musical Director of the Auxiliary Band.
As a player Kath was in the 1978 National Youth Band and achieved three placings in the Junior and Open Baritone solos at the National Contest.
Kath is a tutor at the Out of School Music Classes amd has been the itinerant Brass teacher for Southland. Kath has tutored many young people, some of whom have gone on to play for other bands around New Zealand as well as represent Invercargill at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Brass Band, National Youth Band, and National Band.

The Auxiliary Band practices weekly on Friday Evenings from 7:00pm - 9:00pm.
If you are looking for somewhere to get back into playing, or are interested in learning then this band is for you.